David Tomasello, Chairman Of The Board and VP, Strategic Planning.

Mr. David Tomasello is Chairman & Vice President-Strategic Planning at NeoMagic Corporation since March 2010. Mr. Tomasello was instrumental in NeoMagic’s acquisition of eCommerce platform which NeoMagic now owns, controls and operates. Mr. Tomasello is the managing director of Bluestone Financial who is NeoMagic Corporation (OTC:NMGC) largest shareholder. He is currently on the Board of Directors of chemical, construction and packaging conglomerate Corimon Group. He has previously served as Managing Partner at Attiva Capital and served on the board at WorldGate Communications, Inc until 2009. Mr. Tomasello received his undergraduate degree from Boston University with double major in Finance and Economics.

Syed Zaidi, President and Chief Executive Officer.

Syed Zaidi’s career with NeoMagic commenced with his entry into the engineering team, and he subsequently ascended to the role of Vice President of Engineering. In this capacity, he led cross-functional teams across the United States, India, and Israel, overseeing engineering management and the development of multimedia System-on-Chips (SOCs) based on MIPS and ARM architectures. These SOCs were distinguished by their integration of an Array Processor for enhanced multimedia performance. With an extensive career spanning more than two decades in engineering and management within the semiconductor industry, Mr. Zaidi brings a wealth of expertise and experience to his role.
Before joining NeoMagic, Mr. Zaidi made notable contributions at Sierra Semiconductor, where he held a pivotal role in systems engineering for multimedia products. He also made significant contributions at Raytheon, focusing on the development of multimedia semiconductors tailored for high-end graphics applications. During the earlier stages of his career, Mr. Zaidi played a key role at Advance Micro Research, where he was involved in the design and development of UNIX-based multi-user systems, as well as multiple Video and Graphic ASICs for multimedia products.
Mr. Zaidi’s educational background is equally impressive, boasting a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from Leeds University, England, and a BSET from Indiana State University. His unwavering commitment to innovation is further underscored by his ownership of multiple US patents.

Roderick Peterson, Vice President, Administration and Information

Roderick Peterson joined NeoMagic in October of 2000 as Director of Information Technology, responsible for domestic and international locations. He has over 20 years experience in the IT industry. His diverse background includes Mainframe Operations, LAN, Internet, IT Infrastructure, business applications and the integration of emerging technologies. He has successfully lead the development and deployment of major applications at several global companies. He also successfully owned and operated a IT consulting business for over five years. Mr. Peterson is a published author of two Sarbanes-Oxley books on IT compliance.

Benjamin Bolinguit, Director of Operations.

Benjamin Bolinguit joined NeoMagic manufacturing team in November of 2003, and in 2008 was promoted to Director of Operations. He is responsible for planning and managing the global supply chain for NeoMagic’s products. Mr. Bolinguit has over 25 years experience in manufacturing operations in assembly, test and planning for technology based companies. His diverse background includes global inventory and supply chain management, project management for new product introduction, production control and planning, procurement and shipping. He holds a Bachelors degree in Business Management from University of Phoenix.

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