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NeoMagic Corporation was incorporated in California in May 1993 .
NeoMagic provides low cost, innovative semiconductors for tomorrow’s entertainment and communication needs. Our Applications Processors are sold under the “MiMagic” brand name with a focus on enabling high performance processor within a low power consumption environment.

In 2012, NeoMagic began executing its long-term strategy to increase revenue and safeguard against economic uncertainties through diversification with the acquisition of MercadoMagico.com, a e-commerce company. In 2023, NeoMagic acquired Advanced Microwave, a recognized leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of RF components, subsystems, mixers, amplifiers, Detector Log Amplifiers, Threshold Detectors, Limiters, Filters and converter for the commercial and military marketplace.

At present, NeoMagic is a dynamic corporation with a devoted mission to acquire and foster small and medium-sized enterprises that possess state-of-the-art technology capabilities, all while maintaining a focus on long-term revenue growth strategies.

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RF & Microwave Division

Advanced Microwave, Inc. has the capability to design complex microwave subsystems using our array of building blocks. It offers a wide range of high-performance microwave components and subsystems, including amplifiers, mixers, converters, Detector Log Amplifier, Power Dividers and filters. Our products are built with the latest microstrip and thin-film technology to provide exceptional performance in a compact package.
Our  Military Electronics Products  division offers the world’s smallest product with extremely high performance in terms of electrical and environmental conditions and are ideal for airborne and shipboard applications.
Our  Commercial Products  division covers devices for wireless & Cellular communication, fiber optic, test & measurement applications, Medical Imaging, Broadcasting, Industrial & Manufacturing, Scientific Research and Communication Systems.

e-Commerce Division

MercadoMagico was launched as a division of NeoMagic Corporation , with the mission to become a game-changer in the eCommerce Marketplace space. We strive to provide that relaxed and enjoyable open air market feeling to customers, while providing sellers with a fully customizable, easy to use, secure e-commerce platform, that will allow them to build a sustainable business based on repeat customers.

MercadoMagico is committed to offering customers a diverse seller community that sells some of the most exciting and unique products of any Marketplace.

In a world dominated by big-box stores and online behemoths, MercadoMagico strives to bring that vibrant main street walkable open air Marketplace feel to customers homes.

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